Gary & Barb Jackson

We purchased a modular home from Lifestyle Homes in 2019. Dustin Falling was great to work with. He worked with us every step of the way. Dustin was the general contractor for the project which made the process stress free. We purchased the Danbury Modular Home manufactured by Friendship Homes in Minnesota. Dustin helped us with the customization that we wanted so we got the dream home for our retirement. After the home was delivered, there were some very minor repairs that were needed as the house settled on the foundation. Dustin was very responsive and got the repairs done for us quickly and efficiently under warranty. We love our home and look forward to many years of trouble free, one level living. I heartily recommend Dustin Falling and lifestyle Homes for your next housing purchase

Gary & Barb Jackson

Hackensack, MN

Rust Manufactured Home- Finlayson, MN

What do you say to someone who has helped you realize a 15 year old dream? "Thank you" seems so very inadequate. Life Style Homes, and Dustin in particular, have been extremely professional, knowledgeable and helpful in assisting us in our journey purchasing our new vacation home.

Our new home from Life Style Homes is awesome. We especially love the open concept of the home. We sit in front of the new fireplace or at the kitchen island and can't believe it's really ours. Dustin held our hand during the whole process and made it seem so easy. He was responsive and very patient with our many questions and his sense of humor make us feel we have made a new friend.

Since we have never owned a new house before, we didn't really know how picky you're supposed to be on the pre-inspection sheet.... so we just put everything on it. Life Style Homes didn't question anything on the list - they fixed everything on the list right down to some minor smudges on the ceiling!

Thank you Life Style Homes and thank you Dustin for creating a home that our family can enjoy for many years to come.

Rust Manufactured Home- Finlayson, MN

Kunz Manufactured Home- Oriska, ND

"Our home is just more than a place that gives us a roof over our head. Our home is where we create memories as a family with our two small children.

The most important aspect of our home is it is "child friendly". As a mother, I truly love that our house is one level. I don't hesitate to do laundry anymore; laundry was a chore in itself when there are multiple levels of stairs involved. The open floor plan allows me to see my children when I am around the house in a different room. Another great feature of our house is the kitchen. The kitchen is what makes the family come together after a days work. Our kitchen is huge; we can all be in there together and doesn't become overcrowded. Not to mention there is cupboard space galore.

The open floor plan as I mentioned before is what our kids love the best. They make great use of the wide open space by running, playing and scattering out their toys. Another feature they really take advantage of is the windows. The windows in the entire house are at their height. When they are not playing, they can be found looking out the big picture window in the living room; along with our two kittens.

My husband, Kory is often found in the family room watching television or playing with our kids. Our family room is another large room in our house that we use quite often on a daily basis. Just like the kids, he can also be found looking out the big picture window in the living room or admiring his set of elk horns that work perfectly with our vaulted ceilings.

We have put our house on an amazing set of land on Kory's family farm in North Dakota where the environment around us is filled with wildlife. The landscaping we are slowly but surely working on; however, we are currently in the process of building an attached entry way and garage.

In essence, we made our house unique and very pleased with the decision of going with a manufactured house that we are proud to call our "home"."

Kory, Amanda, Espen and Jayda Kunze

Oriska, ND

Bill and LeeAnn Houselog

Houselog Home- Grove City, MN

"After three months visiting manufactured home dealerships and visiting with owners, we decided the homes by Life Style Homes fit our needs. We liked the versatility of home plans and the type of construction offered. It took us another month to decide on the exact style and features we wanted. Since we have moved in, we have no regrets on our choice. The well planned house layout, the ease of maintenance and the many opportunities for optional additions are greatly appreciated. Family and friends are impressed with the space and warm comfortable feeling of the house once they get in the door. Their old modular home stereotypes are changed. We highly recommend a home by Life Style Homes."

Bill and LeeAnn Houselog

Grove City, MN

Pinger Manufactured Home- Ham Lake, MN

"After living in a small home (28X26) and raising 4 children in it we are finally in a home that we can enjoy the whole family in it. Our family now numbers 20 and at holidays it is nice to have them all here.

Our house sits on 2 acres with a sprinkler system. So for us in our 80′s it is a real relief to have a home all on one floor, with washer & dryer and pantry.

Our home is energy efficient, no wind through the windows.

Everyone who visits comments on our large rooms."

George and June Pinger

Ham Lake, MN

Deb and Keith Anderson

Keith & Deb Anderson- Osakis, MN

"You made our dreams of a new life and home really come true for both of us. It has been more that we could have hoped for so far. I still love showing off my home to everyone. This is our 1st home and will be our last home also. Take Care!

Keith and I would drive down every Friday morning after he got off the night shift and spent hours in your model Penbrook Lodge making sure it was right for us.

The Salesman is just as important as the home itself if not more, you all made our dreams of a new life and home really come true, this is the second time around for both of us and it has been more than we could have hoped for so far."

Deb and Keith Anderson


Deb and Mike Langmo

Langmo Home- Eden Valley, MN

"This is the first new house that Deb and I have lived in since we were married 24 years ago. We really like the amount of room we now have. One of the best features is having a bathroom right off of the master bedroom. We also like having everything on one floor.

We have had a lot of fun furnishing the new house. We have our first dining room table and hutch that fit perfectly in the dining room. We are still in the process of finding wall decorations.

Another great feature is the attached 2 car garage. We have in-floor heat so we can keep the garage around 55-60 degrees.

We really like our new home and we are very glad we purchased a modular home from LifeStyle Homes."

Deb and Mike Langmo

Eden Valley Custom Modular 4 Section

Bremmer Home- Avoca, MN

"We have now lived in our beautiful home 4 years this summer. Our new home has everything we could ask for.

We love how spacious it is and we always have plenty of room to entertain.

Our children & grandchildren love to come to visit. Our 2 extra bedrooms & guest bath are so very nice & roomy for them to have a resort stay with us.

I, as the homeowner, enjoy working in my central placed kitchen. [I am] able to be a part of everything that's going on as we have company. We have so many pretty cup boards, I think I finally found use for each one.

Our home is easy to keep up, there is no outside or exterior fixing & the inside is easy to clean and always looks ready for friends & neighbors to visit. We have received so many compliments on our Life Style Home. We are especially thankful to Roy for helping us with our whole procedure in picking out our home, choosing colors & excellent delivery & finishing process. It's a pure joy to live in our home (and of course the lake is a big bonus)."

Norb and Sallee Bremer


David and Pamela Malmquist

Malmquist Home- Grove City, MN

"We had looked for several years and the moment we walked into the model home of Oak-Hill we knew right away it was the home for us.

Why? It is the open layout of the kitchen and dining room. It all flows together - we love it!

Once the home was purchased, we did some designing for an addition of a garage and front porch. Upon completion then the landscaping project began. The landscaping was designed and done by ourselves - it's still a work in progress.

And that's our Home Sweet Home story!"

David and Pamela Malmquist

Grove City The Penrose

Gibson Home- St. Cloud, MN

"We love our home, it's energy efficient - perfect for family to stay over with 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths. We have received many compliments on our floor plan which we love!

We added landscaping, a larger front deck & small deck, two huge rock gardens and we will keep adding - we love it!

Thanks to LifeStyle Homes!"

Kathy and Bart Gibson

St. Cloud

Radunz Home- Hutchinson, MN

We have been completely satisfied with our home.

Larry, Pam, Alison and Ruby Radunz

Custom Modular